Saturday, September 3, 2011

Deep Down I'm a "WILD CHILD"

So, I no longer paint my finger nails.  It doesn't seem worth the time or effort.  Between washing dishes, crafts, and many other things, the polish just doesn't stay on.  My toenails on the other hand, I do love to dress up. 

I recently read on a blog about Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail treatments.  LOVE IT!!!  I had mine on for about 3 weeks before I took them off.  They went through sandy beach, pool, and regular wear and tear.  The "paint" remained on through it all.

They are basically just a thin plastic like wrap that you stretch onto your nail.

Sorry, thought I took a picture of my toes, but guess I didn't.  

This is what I used though.

Hope you guys try them out.  They are a great way to express your inner "Wild Child" self.