Thursday, July 7, 2011

OK you guys its Friday again.  Time for my Friday favorite. 

This weeks favorite is:

If you want to keep your kids busy for hours on end this will defiantly do it.

They come in small/regular..........

.....and the new larger ones called Biggie Beads.

These have worked wonders, especially if you have a child with issues with fine motor skills.

You can go to their website and print our patterns for your kids to follow. 

With the biggie beads if you buy the larger clear peg board, after you print out the pattern, you lay the clear peg board over the pattern and it is easy for the kids to follow the pattern.

Here is that website:

You can find these just about anywhere now:  WalMart, Michaels, Joanns,

I usually buy mine on  There you can buy by specific color, like skin tone, we seem to run out of that color pretty fast.

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  1. That looks like something that would be good for Waylon. We might have to make a trip or get online to buy some!